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Less Crime, Busy Streets Are Bad Things?
Yes, people hate the class-war implications of gentrification, but sometimes it's better than the alternative. Murray Whyte wrestles with one of the most polarizing words in Toronto's vocabulary
Murray Whyte - Toronto Star – December 4, 2005


Queen West Triangle Charrette Proceedings
Active 18 Association - March 5, 2006

Pave Paradise, Put Up A Condo Tower
The converted factory at 48 abell is exactly the type of housing toronto needs for artists -- too bad they're knocking it down
Eye Weekly - July 13, 2006


Artscape Foundation The Loop Newsletter Fall/Winter 2007 – Issue 4

Queen West Triangle settlement
Word has spread that the developers, the City, Artscape, and community advocates from Active 18 have come to a deal regarding the future development of the Queen West Triangle.
Spacing Toronto – October 30, 2007

City, builder reach artful compromise
Yorkville's artist culture was lost to glitzy hotels and trendy restaurants years ago
Jim Byers – Toronto Star – October 31, 2007

City forges partnership with developers and arts community at West Queen West Triangle
The City today announced a major step forward in resolving outstanding issues around the future development of the West Queen West Triangle
City of Toronto – October 30, 2007

Deal Signed in Artsy Triangle
The city has reached a unique deal with a pair of developers to bring a new theatre, urban park and plenty of cheap artists' studios to the Queen West Triangle
National Post - 2007

Details Trickle out on Queen West Triangle Deal
The city has reached a unique deal with a pair of developers to bring a new theatre, urban park and plenty of cheap artists’ studios to the Queen West Triangle
Barry Hertz – National Post – October 30, 2007

Bedevilled Triangle
You can blame the developers or the OMB, but the flap over the Queen West Triangle revealed city hall’s dirty little secret: no one’s minding the Shop
Philip Preville – Toronto Life – June 2007

In a Brutal Market, an Unlikely Shark
It starts with a formula, for better or worse
Nicole Baute – Toronto Star – January 24, 2009

Creating Affordable Housing out of Thin Air
Vital Ideas winner Artscape Foundation is building a neighbourhood
Paul Gallant – Yonge Street Media – January 27, 2010
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