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An Investigation Into the Nature of the Toronto Arts Community's Contribution to the Cultural and Commerical Growth of the Queen St. West Arts: The Queen West "Phenomenon"
A report discussing the Toronto arts community's contribution to the cultural and commercial development of the Queen West area.
Betty Ann Jordon – The National Assocation of Non-Profit Artist-Run Centres (ANNPAC) - 1980


Find Low-Cost Artists' Studios on Queen St. W., Group Urges
The finishing touches are being put on a city plan to help artists find low-cost studios in inductiral buildings near vibrant - but pricey - Queen St. W.
Kim Byers - Toronto Star - July 4, 1985

Queen St. W. Soon Another Yorkville?
City planners must keep a close eye on redevelopment of Queen St. west of University Avenue if they don't want it to turn into another Yokville, area aldermen and merchants say.
Chris Welner - Toronto Star - February 20, 1985

Municipalities Fight for Moderate Rents
A Metro article detailing Toronto's struggle for affordable housing in the mid-80's.
Linda Hossie - Metro - March 20, 1985


Building Arcadia
An article describing Toronto's artists housing shortage from 1986.
Robert Stacey – Housing-A Right: A Now Magazine Paid Insert from The Power Plant - 1986


Home for the Arts
It's still the same old story - can artists survive while waiting for politicans to act?
Christopher Hume - Toronto Star - August 18, 1990

Flight to Flesherton
A story describing artists' migration to Flesherton, Ontario in search of afordable space.
Isabel Vincent - The Globe and Mail - 1990


Artscape Newsletter
February 13, 1991 - Volume 2, Number 1

Artscape Newsletter
August 15, 1991 - Volume 2, Number 2


Making Space for the Arts
Artscape Brochure 1992

Artscape Newsletter
November 19, 1992 – Volume 3, Number 2


Artscape Newsletter
August, 1993 – Volume 4, Number 1


Artscape Newsletter
September, 1994 - Volume 5, Number 2


Integrating Art Space and Development: Renewing Queen West
John Michael McGrath - Novae Res Urbis - March 22, 2013
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