This toolbox is designed to provide you with the tools and resources you’ll need to get started on your own cultural facility development or to explore the practice of creative placemaking.

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  • What is Pre-Project Development?

    What is Pre-Project Development?

    Pre-project development encompasses the important work that needs to take place before your project’s physical development starts.

  • How Do I Select Tenants?

    How Do I Select Tenants?

    Selecting the right tenants is critically important for the success of your project. Your tenants, after all, will bring your project to life.

  • What is an REOI and How Do I Use One?

    What is an REOI and How Do I Use One?

    A guide to understanding a Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI), a briefing document that may be used as a tool to stimulate and assess interest in a project and solicit useful information.

  • What Should I Consider When Selecting a Site?

    What Should I Consider When Selecting a Site?

    They say location is everything, and it is important to understand both site-specific and place-based drivers of cultural facility projects.

Resource Types

  • Guides

    An extended explanation and how-to guide for using a tool, or a guide to a particular subject.

  • Tip Sheets

    Snappy, summarized tips for a particular tool/section, highlighting the most important lessons to be learned in a helpful, memorable way.

  • Videos

    Hear Artscape staff, community members, and partners talk about the practice of Creative Placemaking.

  • Templates

    A downloadable template providing short cuts for users that can be adapted for general use.

  • Examples

    View examples of documents Artscape has prepared during the procurement, development, and operations stages of its projects.

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