Canadian Arts, Culture and Creative Sector Statistics

The activity of the Canadian artistic, cultural, and creative sector has historically been inconsistently defined and measured. A range of players - governments, agencies, and organizations – have spoken with different voices with respect to the makeup, size, and impact of arts, culture, and creative occupations and industries. As a result, it has proven to be difficult to speak clearly about, and to locate the sources for facts related to the scale, impact, and state of what is an important and growing sector.

The Compendium of Key Statistics is intended to compile and organize key data points, from recognized sources, related to the Canadian arts, culture, and creative sector, and to share this work as a consolidated resource that will be regularly updated as new information becomes available. The Compendium assembles national data, while also focusing on sector activity in Ontario and the municipalities of Toronto and Vancouver.

The Compendium is currently presented in three volumes:

Volume 1: Sector Characteristics Volume 2: Sector Impact Volume 3: Location and Place
This Volume looks at the characteristics of those working in cultural occupations, including size and growth of the sector, age, gender, education, and income. Volume 1 includes a spotlight on a group of 19 National Occupation Codes that Artscape refers to as the ‘Core
Creative Occupations’.
This volume considers the economic impact of the arts, culture and creative sector, from the standpoints of both GDP and jobs. Volume 2 also looks at the growth of employment in creative industries and cultural occupations, and the impacts derived from cultural tourism and Toronto’s major cultural festivals.
This volume approaches creative sector activity in Canada from the standpoint of spatial organization, focusing on measures of sector concentration at a variety of scales, from provinces down to a spotlight on Toronto’s West Queen West/Parkdale neighbourhood.
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