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Artscape and the Distillery Historic District Revitalization

Jamie Goad, OAA, MRAIC, Architect and Partner, Cityscape Development Corp.

Artscape Gibraltar Point: Memories of the Toronto Islands

Jimmy Jones, Toronto Islands Resident and Former Island Public/Natural Science School Caretaker

Artscape Gibraltar Point: Saving the Toronto Island Public/Natural Science School

Leida Englar, Toronto Islands Resident and Community Activist

Artscape Gibraltar Point: The Island Public/Natural Science School

Jimmy Jones, Toronto Islands Resident and Former Island Public/Natural School Caretaker

Artscape in Conversation: Artspace USA

Artscape sits down with Artspace Senior Vice President of National Advancement Colin Hamilton to discuss how Artspace’s practice has evolved, lessons learned from over 25 years of on the ground experience, and what’s next in the ever-changing landscape of Creative Placemaking.

Artscape in Conversation: Evergreen

Tune in to hear from Evergreen Chief Executive Officer Geoff Cape.

Artscape in Conversation: Project for Public Spaces

Tune in to hear from PPS Senior Vice President Cynthia Nikitin about how they approach Creative Placemaking and for a discussion about some of their newest programs and projects.

Artscape in Conversation: Urbanspace Property Group

Artscape sits down with Margie Zeidler, founder and president of 401 Richmond St. and Urbanspace Property Group in Toronto.
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